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DevOps Consultant

Location: UK - Mobile England, UK - London, UK - Nottingham, UK - Birmingham, UK - Manchester | Job-ID: 32081 | Contract type: Standard | Business Unit: IT Consulting


Flexible Location
UK Wide Travel


As a DevOps Consultant, you will deliver post sales technical consultancy for our clients in the areas of DevOps methodologies and tooling, incorporating container and cloud native technologies. This includes the implementation and configuration of complex, large scale deployment solutions and designing solutions for products within your recognised area of expertise.  This role is UK based, and will involve travel to Computacenter and client sites across the United Kingdom.


You’ll be part of a Practice, within the UK Professional Services function, supporting the business in either project or consultancy led engagements. 
•    You’ll have clear areas of accountability and will work normally as part of a team as a subject matter expert in the field of DevOps, containers and cloud native technologies. Occasionally on smaller engagements you may work on your own or directly embedded within the client organisation.
•    Your primary function will be the technical delivery of solutions for our clients.
•    You’ll also form part of a wider community of Consultants and will have the opportunity to actively contribute to initiatives either specifically aligned to team, community or wider Practice. 

Your primary responsibility will be in the technical delivery of client solutions in the areas of DevOps, cloud and container native technologies. There may also be an element of design creation or input. You will also:
•    Provide qualification of solutions approach and produce engagement documentation for internal and external consumption .
•    Define solutions, technologies and standards to blueprint best practice within the technology tower. 
•    Implement solutions for customers consistently and with quality, using our methodologies and processes.
•    Produce high quality assignment documentation and assure with consistency and accuracy within a solution. 
•    Work as part of a team defining, designing and implementing solutions for our customers.
•    Attend customer meetings to present solutions from a technical and implementation approach. 
•    Highlight any technical risks that may impact the success of the solution for our client.
•    Be a highly motivated self-starter and take responsibility for your continuous learning and development.


Ideal candidate: 
•    Qualified or accredited in appropriate technologies. 
•    Works under general direction.  
•    Uses discretion in identifying and responding to complex issues and assignments.  
•    Receives specific direction, accepts guidance and has work reviewed at agreed milestones.  
•    Determines when issues should be escalated to a higher level.  
•    Interacts with and influences colleagues and has working level contact with customers, suppliers and partners.  
•    Interacts with and may influence immediate colleagues.  
•    May have some external contact with customers, suppliers and partners.  
•    May have more influence in own domain.  
•    Aware of need to collaborate with team and represent users/customer needs. 
•    Performs a range of work, sometimes complex and non-routine, in a variety of environments.  
•    Applies methodical approach to issue definition and resolution. 
•    Demonstrates application of essential generic knowledge typically found in industry bodies of knowledge.  
•    Has gained a basic domain knowledge.  
•    Absorbs new information when it is presented systematically and applies it effectively. 
•    Demonstrates effective communication skills. 
•    Plans, schedules and monitors own work (and that of others where applicable) competently within limited deadlines and according to relevant legislation, standards and procedures. 
•    Contributes fully to the work of teams. Appreciates how own role relates to other roles and to the business of the employer or client. 
•    Demonstrates an analytical and systematic approach to issue resolution. 
•    Takes the initiative in identifying and negotiating appropriate personal development opportunities. 
•    Understands how own role impacts security and demonstrates routine security practice and knowledge required for own work. 


The successful candidate will be able to demonstrate expertise and real-world experience in a wide range of container native, cloud native and DevOps technologies and approaches. As this is primarily a delivery role the successful candidate must possess excellent hands-on skills and be able to demonstrate an analytical and methodical approach with great problem-solving skills.


You must have:
•    Experience of working as part of a DevOps or DevSecOps team.
•    Experience of working within Agile project frameworks like Scrum, Kanban or Lean Software Development.
•    DevOps Tooling experience (Automation, Orchestration, CI/CD, Testing etc.)
•    Container platform experience (Non-managed K8S Service or AKS, EKS, GKE etc.)
•    Cloud platforms experience (AWS, Azure, GCP, VMware, OpenStack)


You should be able to demonstrate deep technical expertise and real-world experience in implementation and use of all of the following:
•    A configuration management tool such as Ansible, Puppet, Chef or Saltstack
•    At least one scripting language such as Python, PowerShell, Bash etc.
•    Application development in a language such as Python, Javascript, Go, Java, C# 
•    A distributed version control system such as Git.
•    A Linux distribution such as Red Hat Enterprise Linux, SuSE or Ubuntu.
•    CI/CD tooling such as Jenkins, Spinnaker, CircleCI, Drone, Tekton, Azure Pipelines, AWS CodePipeline, Google Cloud Build or similar.
•    Infrastructure as Code using tools such as Terraform, ARM, CloudFormations etc.


Hands-on experience in one or more of the following technologies would be considered advantageous:
•    Kubernetes Installers / Distributions OpenShift, Rancher etc.
•    Rancher
•    Helm, Kubernetes Operator Framework
•    Docker / Podman / Buildah
•    Hashicorp Tooling such as Packer, Vault, Consul
•    Any software defined network (NSX, Nuage, Tungsten, Calico, Open vSwitch)
•    Any software defined storage (Swift, Minio, Ceph, Gluster, Rook, Longhorn)
•    Proxies, service mesh or ingress controllers (e.g. F5, HAproxy, nginx, AVI, Traefik, Envoy, Istio, Linkerd)
•    Observability (e.g. Prometheus, Google Stackdriver, AppDynamics, Fluentd, ELK/ELG stack)
•    Secrets management (e.g. Vault, Keycloak, Conjur, CyberArk)
•    Security & Compliance (e.g. Aqua, Clair, Anchore, Falco, OpenSCAP)
•    Serverless frameworks (OpenFAAS, AWS Lambda, Azure Functions, Google Cloud Functions)
    AppDynamics
    Google Stackdriver
    Prometheus
    ELK Stack
    Grafana
    Kibana
    Fluentd
o    Secrets Management
    Hashicorp Vault
    CyberArk / Conjur
    Keycloak
o    Configuration Management & Automation
    Chef
    Puppet
    Stackstorm
    Juju
    Foreman 
    CloudInit
    RunDeck
o    Security & Compliance
    Aqua
    Clair
    Blackduck
    OpenSCAP
o    Serverless Tools and Frameworks
    AWS Lambda
    Google Cloud Functions
    Azure Functions
    OpenFAAS


Current information for our applicants

Business as usual? Not quite. Of course, the Corona crisis also presents us with major challenges.


However, we are broadly positioned across various industries, plan for the long term and have always been flexible in our approach to our customers, especially in times of crisis. Our core business is digitisation. We believe that this topic will continue to grow in importance for many companies in both public and private sectors.


That's why there are still areas of our business with clear hiring requirements – and we would like to bring talent like you on board! By the way, we have completely virtualised our application process and our recruiters remain available to you should you have any questions.


We are still looking forward to getting to know you!


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