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DevOps Lead Pre-sales Architect

Location: UK - Birmingham, UK - London, UK - Reading, UK - Hatfield, UK - Manchester, UK - Edinburgh | Job-ID: 39301 | Contract type: Standard | Business Unit: IT Consulting


UK wide travel
Flexible home location



Job Introduction

As a DevOps Pre-Sales Infrastructure Architect, you will shape customer pre-sales opportunities and articulate business and technical strategy to customers and internal clients in the areas of DevOps methodologies and tooling incorporating container and cloud native technologies.  As a customer facing Architect, you’ll need proven skills in a customer facing position, and will be designing and assuring complex solutions to corporate or public sector organisations. This role is UK based, and will involve travel to Computacenter and client sites across the United Kingdom. 


Where you’ll fit in:

  • You’ll be an integral member of the Practice, within the UK Professional Services function, supporting our internal clients in the creation of solutions to meet our customers’ requirements and will be central in defining compelling solutions
  • You’ll develop and maintain an active and engaged technical community across the whole Practice in support of your relevant area of expertise
  • You’ll be an integral part of an opportunity team, supporting the business in either project or consultancy led engagements
  • You will work with customers to understand and articulate technical strategy and business impact for the company and customer
  • You’ll have clear areas of responsibility and will be given appropriate autonomy to lead customer opportunitie

What you’ll do: 

  • You will be responsible for influencing and shaping DevOps solutions during pre-sales engagements. To take advantage of this opportunity you will need to be a highly technical individual with solid hands on capability as a Technical Designer, Solution Lead or Architect with the ability to transform and enhance client vision and outcomes into a winning solution.
  • Provide qualification of solutions approach and produce engagement documentation for internal and external consumption
  • Provide thought leadership for, peers, the Practice, internal clients, our customers and partners 
  • Provide opportunity-specific Technical Assurance, Quality Assurance, Governance & Customer
  • Satisfaction of pre and post sales consultancy engagements 
  • Responsible for building, maintaining and enhancing Consultancy delivery capability for a specific technical portfolio
  • Host customer meetings to understand and articulate technical strategy and business impact for the company and customer
  • Maintain an active and engaged technical community across the whole Practice in support of relevant area of expertise
  • Maintain a high level of industry awareness through training and self-development, provide both market and technical evaluation of emerging technologies


Ideal candidate:

  • Has defined authority and accountability for actions and decisions within a significant area of work, including technical, financial and quality aspects
  • Establishes organisational objectives and assigns responsibilitie
  • Initiates influential relationships with internal and external customers, suppliers and partners at senior management level, including industry leaders
  • Makes decisions which impact the work of employing organisations, achievement of organisational objectives and financial performance
  • Has a broad business understanding and deep understanding of own specialism(s)
  • Performs highly complex work activities covering technical, financial and quality aspects
  • Creatively applies a wide range of technical and/or management principles
  • Is fully familiar with recognised industry bodies of knowledge both generic and specific
  • Actively seeks out new knowledge for own personal development and the mentoring or coaching of others
  • Develops a wider breadth of knowledge across the industry or business. Applies knowledge to help to define the standards which others will apply
  • Demonstrates clear leadership. Communicates effectively at all levels to both technical and nontechnical audiences
  • Understands and communicates industry developments, and the role and impact of technology in the employing organisation
  • Promotes compliance with relevant legislation and the need for services, products and working practices to provide equal access and equal opportunity to people with diverse abilities
  • Takes the initiative to keep both own and colleagues' skills up to date
  • Takes a leading role in promoting security throughout own area of responsibilities and collectively in the organisations
  • Experience of successfully operating in the pre-sale’s environment in a Service or Consultancy organisation.
  • Leading on the technology solution for RFI, RFP or bid responses delivering creative, engaging bid collateral
  • Solution design or enterprise architecture expertise delivering large scale technology projects
  • Proven experience of leading technically complex projects throughout the complete IT lifecycle
  • Proven experience in Digital Transformation, Enterprise Application Integration solutions, COTS based applications and bespoke application delivery
  • Evidence of championing or leading on innovation
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills - and be able to communicate effectively with Senior Management, Business Users and Technical staff
  • You must be comfortable in client-facing events, presenting or supporting your Computacenter colleagues
  • Leading workshops or assessments for customers to present the joint Computacenter Digital Power and DevOps value and strategy
  • A strong influencer, with a wide range of styles, having ability to build good working relationships with delivery partners and all levels within the organisation
  • You must be able to harness talent from across the Computacenter Professional Services to generate solution collateral including reference architecture and high-level technology patterns & designs which prioritise customer value
  • Your experience will enable you to tap in to your innate knowledge to rapidly qualify opportunities and to provide qualified sizing’s
  • Whilst technology must be a passion, so should the desire to improve our services; contribution & ownership of standards and methods to build robust, repeatable, measurable practices will be central to this role
  • Significant experience in positioning the business benefits of DevOps Solutions into SMC and Enterprise
  • Work closely with our DevOps Solution Lead and Sales Specialist(s) to our clients understand the application and benefits of using DevOps practices to establish Cloud Native capabilities across multiple infrastructure platforms, and how Computacenter services can help accelerate the delivery of these benefits
  • Any major public cloud (AWS, Azure, GCP) certifications are a bonus
  • Any DevOps or SRE related certifications are also a bonus



The successful candidate will be able to demonstrate expertise and real-world experience in a wide range of container native, cloud native and DevOps technologies and approaches. As this is primarily a pre-sales role the ability to articulate complex concepts to both technical and non-technical audiences is imperative.


  • You should be able to demonstrate a deep understanding of, and be able to reference successful engagements in each of the following areas:
    • Methodologies: DevOps, DevSecOps, NoOps, FinOps etc.
    • Agile project methodologies like Scrum, Kanban or Lean Software Development.
    • DevOps Tooling (Automation, Orchestration, CI/CD, Testing etc.)
    • Cloud platforms (AWS, Azure, GCP, VMware, OpenStack)
    • Container native technologies and ecosystem (Runtimes, orchestrators, CNI, CSI)
    • While a broad knowledge of the above is important, so too is deep technical experience of specific technologies within the following areas. You should be able to demonstrate


  • Real-world experience and expertise in all of the following:
    • Ansible Engine
    • Docker Engine
    • Kubernetes or a related distribution (e.g. Red Hat OpenShift, EKS, AKS, GKE)
    • Related Pre-Sales activities
    • Proficiency in a scripting or programming language (e.g. Python, PowerShell, Bash, Javascript, Go)
    • Version control with Git and experience with an associated platform (e.g. Github, Gitlab, BitBucket)
    • A Linux distribution such as Red Hat Enterprise Linux, SuSE or Ubuntu
    • CI/CD tooling such as Jenkins, Spinnaker, CircleCI, Drone, Tekton, Azure Pipelines, AWS CodePipeline, Google Cloud Build or similar


  • Real-world experience and expertise in at least one of the following:
    • Rancher
    • Helm
    • Operator Framework
    • Buildah
    • Podman
    • Docker Compose
    • Hashicorp Packer
    • Real-world experience and expertise in at least one of the following container native networking technologies:
    • Open vSwitch
    • Calico
    • Flannel
    • VMware NSX-T
    • Contrail / Tungsten Fabric
    • Nuage Networks


  • Real-world experience and expertise in at least one of the following container native storage technologies:
    • Solutions from major enterprise storage vendors such as DellEMC, NetApp, HPE, HDS, IBM
    • Gluster
    • Ceph
    • Rook
    • Longhorn
    • Amazon EBS, Google Persistent Disk or Azure Disk Storage


  • Real-world experience and expertise in at least one of the following ingress controllers, proxy, service mesh or API gateway technologies:
    • AVI Networks products
    • F5 products
    • Envoy
    • HAProxy
    • NGINX
    • Traefik Proxy and/or Traefik Mesh
    • 3Scale
    • Kong
    • Gloo and/or SuperGloo
    • Istio
    • Linkerd


  • A good understanding with some hands-on experience of the following technologies is also essential:
    • Hashicorp Terraform
    • Intermediate Windows Server administration.


Current information for our applicants

Business as usual? Not quite. Of course, the Corona crisis also presents us with major challenges.


However, we are broadly positioned across various industries, plan for the long term and have always been flexible in our approach to our customers, especially in times of crisis. Our core business is digitisation. We believe that this topic will continue to grow in importance for many companies in both public and private sectors.


That's why there are still areas of our business with clear hiring requirements – and we would like to bring talent like you on board! By the way, we have completely virtualised our application process and our recruiters remain available to you should you have any questions.


We are still looking forward to getting to know you!


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