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Role Title: Administrator


Brief Overview  of the role:

The Contract  Specialist is responsible for ensuring that customer requirements for maintenance contracts are mapped in accordance with the contract.

Accountabilities (includes % of time):

 Contractually compliant mapping of customer requirements (70-80%)

-    Single Point of Contact for CC ISP’s (internal communication)

-    Standard & Initial Implementation – onboarding process involving customer data, importing data, etc into SNOW SmartHub

-    Updating existing data in Smarthub on a schedule basis

-    Testing new and existing functions/workflows in Smarthub, incl. reporting

-    Product with FLS Pack Processing – Service Packs offering type of support to be managed

-    Base Data Cleansing – Processing initial data from customer

-    Enhanced Data Cleansing – comparing data from multiple sources to align data

-    Request Management

-     Experience with CRM tools Salesforce, ServiceNow SmartHub, etc for all type of requests

-    Supporting Contract & Operations Managers

-    Controlling of automated SMH Workflows – maintaining automated workflows within SNOW SmartHub

-    Standard Customer Portal Support – FAQs, reports, show & tell within SmartHub, creating training documents and workflows

-    Managed Resold Management – Responsible for managing process to decommission of service/assets involving partner engagement & internal engagements cross functionally- Document review  and review of  special agreements (offer, order, calculation)


Communication and relationship network (15-25%) 

  • Active communication to the adjacent interfaces (SAM, Billing, CM Team, Cost Desk, Inventory, THD, Internal Sales etc. ) 
  • Establishment and maintenance of relationship networks to the above-mentioned relevant interfaces to ensure a smooth process flow


Complementary tasks (5%) 

  • • Support of projects and/or assumption of special tasks in the team 


Critical Success Factors :

  • Absolute integrity
  • Good communication skills
  • Customer orientation
  • Teamwork
  • High motivation
  • Commercial understanding
  • Understanding of one's own role function in day-to-day business with regard to the overall process – with knowledge of  the most important input and output interfaces 
  • Good self-organization and setting priorities.
  • Product and market knowledge for the efficient management of products and 


Knowledge & Key Skills:


  • 3-5 years of professional experience in the IT environment
  • Very good experiences in dealing with Excel 
  • Secure oral and written communication
  • Process-oriented and analytical thinking
  • High cost awarenessIndependent, well-organized and prioritized way of working in the team
  • Self-motivation in the implementation of individual or team-oriented objectives
  • Customer- and solution-oriented  thinking and acting
  • High reliability & highly self motivated
  • Resilience, even in stressful situations
  • Team-oriented work and thinking
  • English language skills



  • Commercial training
  • Experience in dealing with SAP & ServiceNow
  • Experience in dealing with contracts/calculations

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